We recommend coming in a RESPONSIBLE WAY!

We are waiting for you at the second  sustainable Lithuanian event which obliges not only the organizers, partners, sponsors and suppliers of the event, but also its participants to act consciously and responsibly pursuing the reduction of the negative impact and increasing the positive effect on the environment, community and economy.
The greatest risk of the negative environmental effect caused by event participants is CO2 emissions. The carbon footprint of a trip is measured in kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) per passenger considering the distance traveled and the vehicle selected.
With this regard, we ask you to responsibly think in advance about a collective (recommended) or personal trip, and to plan it so that to generate the minimum possible carbon footprint by choosing public intercity transport.
If you still decide to go by car, we recommend choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle and following the principle of “car-sharing”.
Reduce your trip carbon footprint by almost 3 times choosing to travel by bus instead of the car!
Demonstrate good example and contribute to the development of a sharing culture in Lithuania! 
Please see the travel carbon footprint calculator here.
We would like to inform that you will be personally asked about your trip during the onsite EVENT REGISTRATION:
– what is the type of your transport (own car or public transport)
– what is the fuel consumption of your vehicle (litres/100 km)
– what is the type of your vehicle’s fuel (petrol, diesel, gas, electricity)
– how many passengers were traveling together (number of people)
– what is your total event distance travelled (km)
We kindly ask you to plan your trip responsibly and prepare to provide the answers before the event registration.
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