Regeneration. Circularity. Sustainability. Integrity. Unity. Resilience. Waste management.

On September 29 – 30 Druskininkai

We live in very interesting, but rapidly changing time – the time of a turning point.

The complexity of problems and challenges is unprecedented. We jump from crisis to crisis, while the trust in old systems is breaking apart.

Discussions and communication have never been so fierce, non-productive and inciting confrontation

The Future is Dim.

All tendencies and signs show that something new has to emerge. A clear understanding is on the way that a perfect moment for evolution potential may arise from panic, lack of trust, noise and reactivity, i. e. potential to talk differently and create a new future.

We can single out, newly create and find different forms and directions of leadership and cooperation platforms only by changing the existing style and forms of communication.

We do not know the answers or ways to solve the problems; they cannot be presented separately by top-down policy, by revolutionary bottom-up movers of a new paradigm or single experts.

We will create the future together when we are apolitical, with no hierarchy, titles and importance, involved in open, systemic and constructive dialogue among many competencies, hierarchal levels and representatives of interests.

New forms of leadership will be created in the process, new ideas and commitment to act.

The Structure of This Year’s Forum

Systemic and strategic conversations / presentations (video recordings)

With the most influential European and Lithuanian environmental and sustainability leaders, experts and those, who “break“ the existing systems and create the need for a new quality system to emerge.

Watch the recorded videos and find out about the most modern tendencies in Europe and Lithuania.

Co-creation sessions in 4 groups according to a chosen topic. Presentation of results

Welcome to your chosen co-creation session that you do not need to be prepared for in advance: you are good enough for quality creation of a new future together with your colleagues, co-thinkers, opponents and adversaries.

How will we act together?

  • Representatives of very different organizations will take part in each of the sessions. They will help you acquire a general view of those who have authority, have resources, knowledge, information and needs. In this way, we attain greater diversity and lesser hierarchy than in usual planning processes. Everyone has an opportunity to speak out and find out different ways to look at a given task and the actions to be taken.
  • We will tackle key issues from personal (resident, user), organizational, country, European, historic and global perspectives. It means that before we act locally, we have to think globally, i. e. before we start working with a part, we need to understand the “whole elephant”. Then, we understand what is going on inside the system, find out global tendencies and their impact on the system. After that, we will define what we want to undertake in order to influence our environment; we will create a common agenda and foresee the actions that will help in its implementation. This method allows every person to talk about the same world, the world that is perceived individually by every person, and create the force that is able to change many things.
  • FOCUS ON YOUR AIMS, NOT ON PROBLEMS OF THE PAST. The reference point will be COMMON GROUND. We will look at problems and conflicts as important information, not as actions. It means that we will determine common values and take common actions while we will honour the differences, but try not to reconcile them.
  • The conference participants will be the LEADERS of their own work and maintain their own DIALOGUE, but will not “solve problems” as if it were their primary goal. It means you will have to help each other in performing the assignments and take on responsibility for your own comprehension and actions.


Questions of cooperation, possible reports, research and good practice examples: Lina Šleinotaitė Kalėdė
Questions of sponsorship and participation in the forum: Valentina Borovik