sustainable event

Sustainable event – what is it?

The concept of “sustainable event” is dual. It is a philosophy and a management system which was globally introduced during the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 and formally established as ISO 20121: 2012 “Sustainable Events Management System” standard.

Immediately the ISO 20121: 2012 was taken over by the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden (2013), FIFA World Cup in Brasil (2014), EXPO Milano (2015), Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games (2016). Such a wide global recognition of sustainable events concept inspired many countries, businesses and communities to organize their events under the ISO 20121: 2012 standard.

In a nutshell, sustainable event management system ensures that event organizer proactively foresees and reduces negative environmental and social impacts of the event, guarantees transparent and accountable governance system and publicly reports its positive and negative results after the event.

Sustainable event – why?

We believe that sustainable events is an integral part of a big scale management systems – sustainable government or sustainable business. Therefore, we set ourselves a mission that the sustainable Conference – Discussion Forum “Druskininkai Co-creation Forum 2021” becomes a good practice example and source of inspiration for all our participants, partners, sponsors and interested parties at large making a positive impact on the events’ culture in Lithuania.

Sustainable event – how?

The Conference – Discussion Forum “Druskininkai Co-creation Forum 2021″ makes a public commitment to:

  • follow the ISO 20121: 2012 standard;
  • raise the highest sustainability standards for partners and suppliers;
  • optimise the use of material resources and organisational decisions;
  • reduce negative impact on the environment and compensate the loss;
  • initiate sustainability dialogue between partners and suppliers;
  • report to the public and stakeholders on the results of a sustainable event.

The Sustainable Event Policy of the Conference – Discussion Forum “Druskininkai Co-creation Forum 2021″ can be found here.


Questions of cooperation, possible reports, research and good practice examples: Lina Šleinotaitė Kalėdė
Questions of sponsorship and participation in the forum: Valentina Borovik